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Why Use CBD Creams & CBD Balms 

CBD creams and balms are perfect for after a workout at the gym to soothe joints and stressed muscles or after a bath or shower before bed on stressed muscles and joints. To help relax, relieve and restore. 

CBD products are widely available in the UK today, many of the claimed benefits of CBD oral, topical and transdermal products are experienced by CBD users and as word of mouth has grown the industry has exponentially grown. 

Many benefits that users purport to gain from using CBD products, and in particular CBD The Balm and CBD The Cream include soothing inflammation, soothing aches and pains in joints and helping relax muscles. Whilst there is no clear scientific research to support these benefits, users are regularly experiences a range of results and benefits. 

You can use CBD The Balm and CBD The Cream: 

After the Gym: use regularly on muscles and joints to soothe and relax; 

Before Bed: use regularly on muscles and joints to ease and alleviate; 

Massage: use in spa or at home a emollient for massages targeting shoulders, neck,

feet and joints.

We always recommend regular use of our CBD products help to improve the efficacy of the product. Apply CBD the Balm or CBD the Cream once a day or as and when desired and only a thin layer is required which can then be gently rubbed into the skin until completely absorbed.


You can carry on wearing clothing on top of the area once the product has been fully absorbed. There are no major/noted side-effects for using a CBD balm or cream, therefore the products can be used at anytime of the day.


CBD balms and creams are an ideal way to integrate CBD into your daily wellness and fitness regime.

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