Is CBD Environmentally Friendly

The popularity of CBD products continues to grow throughout the world. Consequently it is becoming a very large and prominent industry in order to serve the ground demand.


In recent times more focus has been placed on the impact on the environment that CBD production processing and sales has.


We believe in ensuring that the way we grow, process, package and sell our CBD products is always mindful of the environmental impact it has on our world. We think it is vital that all CBD producers and sellers are mindful of the same in order to ensure a safe and secure future for the industry as well as for humanity.

Hemp Farming, Harvesting and Production 

 Hemp farming is considered to be more environmentally friendly Due to the nature of the plant and its ability to have many and multiple uses. Plant has many uses and is not ground just for its CBD properties but many parts of the plant can be used effectively as byproducts such as for textiles paper and so forth.


Whilst there will always be environmental considerations relating to harvesting, shipping and cultivation of hemp for production of CBD, the impact this has can be minimised when more uses are found for the hemp plant after extraction of the CBD. Ensuring the utility of the plant is maximised and recycling optimised.


Our products are hundred percent biodegradable and recyclable. Hemp plants also process carbon and therefore assist in the removal of carbon from the atmosphere a process known as carbon sequestration.


The cultivation of hemp is also efficient in the plant grows at a rapid rate and so a lot can be produced in a smaller period of time and using less land.


Our Promise To You 

We always carry out a complete analysis of our products and you can find details of the third-party lab testing of CBD cream and see if it is a bomb on our lab reports page.


The hemp plants we use are farmed in XXX and XXX. We only use the highest cultivation methods to ensure the end product used by you is the best version we can provide. You can feel certain that our products are all natural and made with you in mind.


If you have any questions about how CBD impacts the environment or how we are working to ensure that our CBD is environmentally friendly as possible please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page.

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