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What Are The Different Types of CBD?

There are several types of CBD which you may come across advertised in the UK. These include, full spectrum CBD broad spectrum CBD, whole plant CBD and pure CBD.


It is important to know the difference between the types of CBD in order to determine which is the best product to suit your needs.

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Each of the above types of CBD are different from the others, they have different qualities that distinguish them.


The process of extraction of CBD has an impact on what the final CBD product will contain. See our CBD extraction page.

Which is best broad-spectrum CBD or pure CBD?

Pure CBD, refers to CBD which is extracted from the hemp plant and during this extraction process all other compounds and substances in the plant are removed.

The CBD is 99% pure and all other cannabinoids and plant matter such as waxes, terpenes and oils removed.


Broad spectrum CBD, in comparison do you not have all other cannabinoids moved during the process of extraction. Broad spectrum CBD products therefore can contain terpenes and flavonoids and other cannabinoids. All THC is removed however other substances from the hemp plant remain.


What type of CBD suitable for a particular purpose or personal use depends on each individual, therefore please feel free to call our CBD experts for further advice or if you have any questions. You can find a contact details on the contact page.

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